Popular Sports

1 Fishing — one of the most popular individual sports (note that most of the fish are put back in the river or lake!).

2 Football — a game the English claim to have invented.

3 Tennis — the annual championship at the All England Tennis Club in Wimbledon, South London is still the greatest tournament in the world.

4 Rugby — a game in which fifteen players try to carry an oval ball across the line of the oppo-sition.

5 Squash — indoor game played in an enclosed court. The ball is a small rubber ball and the racket is like a tennis racket but smaller and lighter. The ball is hit off any wall but must hit the front wall above a line painted above the floor. Outside Britain squash is popular in Australia, New Zealand and for years the world champion has been from Pakistan.

6 Darts — an indoor game that is very popular in pubs and clubs. The steel darts are thrown at a circular board (the dart board). The aim is to score points which are subtracted from the original total of 301 or 501.

7 Snooker — a game like billiards played with fifteen red balls and six coloured balls (yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black) and a white cue ball. Players use cues to try to remove all the balls from the table in a certain order. Snooker is one of the most popular television sports in Britain.

8 Golf—invented in Scotland it is now played all over the world.

9 Cricket — the English national game which is also played with great enthusiasm in countries which were colonies like the West Indies, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand.

10 Cycling — in parts of England, especially Oxford and Cambridge, the cycle is used as a means of transport as well as a source of exercise.

11 Bowls — a game where players try to put a heavy wooden ball as close to a small white ball or jack as possible. It is played on very smooth lawns or on carpets indoors.

12 Badminton — an indoor rackets game played with a feather shuttlecock rather than a ball.

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